Palazzo (2016)

Between 2013 and 2016 I oversaw the renovation of a 3000-square-foot, five-story 1865 Italianate masonry townhouse in Boston for myself and my family. I originally had purchased the house in the South End Historic District in 1996, well before I received my architecture degree and largely before rampant gentrification and its attendant speculation had swept the neighborhood of much of   » More

Subway Grate Guardrail (2016)

This is a component of a much larger residential project, the 2013-2016 renovation of a nineteenth-century masonry townhouse in Boston, Massachusetts. The dominant element of this guardrail and handrail assembly for a new stairway from the kitchen street level to the basement studio is welded bar grating, a mass-produced steel grid material commonly used in sidewalks and other foot-trafficked locations   » More

Palazzetto (2013)

This very small two-bedroom townhouse in the South End Historical District in Boston is regulated by city ordinances to prevent any obvious alteration to its 1892 exterior facades, down to the profile of the window muntins. The project here included the replacement of those historic windows; the upgrading of the heating, plumbing, and electrical systems; and the installation of air   » More