The Zahir (2015)

My little magic box of a 3D printer has a single-print volume limitation of 9.9 by 7.8 by 5.9 inches, but of course one may assemble multiple printed objects into something more elaborate and larger, and furthermore one may combine printed objects with non-printed components. The fifty-odd prints that I made for this test of the machine, simply joined with   » More

Plesiosaur, Pt. 2 (2011)

I dislike abandoning projects in which I have invested so much time and energy, as long as there seems to be any virtue left in them. With no access to fabrication equipment, a foundry, or power tools of greater precision than a small drill press and a metal-cutting miter saw, it seemed to me that I could nevertheless treat this   » More

Plesiosaur, Pt. 1 (2005)

Near the end of my prolonged penance in architectural education, I found myself with enough credits to take an elective course, and I settled on one that dealt with aluminum casting. The curriculum required us to come up with an assembly of somewhat-mass-produced metal forms that could be created using basic sand-casting techniques; create the necessary match-plates which would be   » More