Article in B1 Magazine (2012)

The Thai-language architecture magazine B1¬†included an article on my work in the April 2012 issue. The author, Puttichart Wanichtat, requested images and information from the Pavilion for Oblivion, Stormhouse, and Well of L projects, as part of (in his words) a “black box series” on experimental projects.   » More

Article in 3D Artist (2010)

I was interviewed for a feature article in issue #20 of the UK print magazine 3D Artist, “Grand Designs: Use SketchUp to build your arc-vis projects.” I did try to emphasize that my interest in this particular software, or in the use of 3D-modeling software in general, was not primarily as a tool for illustration, but as a means of   » More

Not-a-bookshelf Bookshelf (2010)

Although originally something of a whimsical experiment on my part (a realistic rendering of a computer model of a bookshelf made of construction debris), ¬†this little project seems to have received more attention from the world of non-architects than any previous work of mine. Magritte would no doubt be pleased that so many people recognized the reference. With some difficulty,   » More