Well of L (2011)

I prepared a large “composite” image — an amalgam of three distinct views — of the WoL project for yet another competition. The plan and perspective-northeast incorporated into this illustration are somewhat modified versions of earlier images; the smaller distant-perspective-west between them is a new creation, from a slightly different point of view than the first silhouette rendering in 2010.   » More

Well of L Updated (2010)

I had occasion to produce an elaborated version of one of the perspective renderings from my WoL project: this differs from the earlier rendering in that I’ve managed to at least imply the appearance of the lashed fastening system for the central telemones, which strikes me as a significant detail neglected in the  previous version of this image. But the   » More

Well of L (2010)

Yet another example of “experimental architecture,” or perhaps simply capriccio. The narrative: In an unpopulated valley in a northern country, there is a natural spring that has always been marked with some kind of monument. Originally this was a “holy well” perhaps the seat of some local deity and later the special charge of a martyred hermit. More recently, the   » More