Agamemnon (2005)

In 2005, I took a class in digital fabrication, and at a certain point I was tasked with a project to incorporate the concept of “inlay.” The presumption was that the various elements to be inlaid would be described using a CAD program and then cut from flat stock (such as chipboard or balsa wood) using a small lasercutter with   » More

The Corb Table (2002)

At one point during the course of my graduate studies in architecture, I was given the abstract assignment to develop “a piece of joinery” that would bear my own weight. It was expected that this joinery would be fabricated in wood, but as I was also an employee of the school in its fabrication lab I had access to CNC   » More

Concrete Moonbabies (2002)

In 2002, while a graduate student, I determined  to develop a deliberately peculiar or even surreal alternative to the traditional concrete masonry unit, which could only be used to produce structures that were distinctly unlike the normative result of CMU masonry. One of my fellow students described the resulting concrete unit as a “Moonbaby.” Each individual unit would be handed   » More