Future Monument (2009)

Fresh off of the award ceremony for my fantasy project “Stormhouse” and enthused at the prospect of being considered “an experimental architect”, I began to develop a successor piece of fantasy combining architecture and landscape design. It was inspired by an actual if oddly-trivial nineteenth-century monument at an artesian well in Glen Mark, northern Angus, Eastern Scotland. As with the   » More

Stormhouse: BSA Unbuilt Architecture Award (2009)

The Stormhouse project was honored with the 2009 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture award on November 19. Unbuilt architectural designs of any project type were eligible …including purely theoretical projects and unbuilt client-sponsored projects (buildings, interiors, transportation infrastructure, monuments, etc.—all project types). Projects under construction or otherwise apparently assured of construction are not eligible. There are no geographical or   » More

Stormhouse Alternates (2009)

I produced a pair of alternative renderings of my Stormhouse project for a course catalog cover at the Boston Architectural College, where I was teaching, but they were never selected for use. Coincidentally, a major software company approached me to test render “realistically” a 3D model of the building using a then-new product, resulting in the following two images: I   » More