Plesiosaur, Pt. 2 (2011)

I dislike abandoning projects in which I have invested so much time and energy, as long as there seems to be any virtue left in them. With no access to fabrication equipment, a foundry, or power tools of greater precision than a small drill press and a metal-cutting miter saw, it seemed to me that I could nevertheless treat this   » More

Not-a-bookshelf Bookshelf (2010)

Although originally something of a whimsical experiment on my part (a realistic rendering of a computer model of a bookshelf made of construction debris),  this little project seems to have received more attention from the world of non-architects than any previous work of mine. Magritte would no doubt be pleased that so many people recognized the reference. With some difficulty,   » More

This is not a bookshelf (2010)

It’s not an oddly painted bookshelf made of scrap lumber. It’s not. It’s a computer rendering of a digital three-dimensional model of…an oddly-painted bookshelf made of scrap lumber.  The existence of such a thing bears explanation. Like most architectural designers I accumulate architecture books incessantly, and no amount of culling seems to ever permanently reduce the number of volumes in   » More